The Chiropractic Philanthropist with Dr. Ed Osburn
The Chiropractic Philanthropist with Dr. Ed Osburn
174: Dr. Tony Ebel | The Story of EPIC Paediatrics | The Fuel to the Fire to Save Children's Lives

Creator of The Perfect Storm and Partner of Epic Pediatrics In addition to his work in those two areas, Dr. Tony runs a 7-figure (all cash), 60% plus pediatric practice in Crystal Lake, Illinois. His practice serves kids and families with everything from ear infections to wellness care, with a special emphasis on spectrum and sensory-based disorders. He has extensive education, experience, and passion in these areas, and has a large family practice in Crystal Lake serving this population, as well as general family wellness. He holds post-doctorate certifications in pediatrics and wellness, and also has hundreds of hours of continuing education and training in the areas of autism, ADHD, sensory challenges, seizures, neuro-immunology, and other pediatric topics. His practice focuses on ensuring each child has a healthy, optimally functioning nervous system that is supported by the foundations of eating, moving, and thinking well. 


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