The Chiropractic Philanthropist with Dr. Ed Osburn
The Chiropractic Philanthropist with Dr. Ed Osburn
170: Dr. Yamila Cruz-Martinez | Mi Quiro Vida | Every master was once a disaster


Yamila Cruz-Martinez recently graduated from Life University.  She just began (1 week ago) serving as a Chiropractor in Denver. 

As a student she was always involved in the profession trying to communicate the message and giving back to Chiropractic. She was part of the Full Spine and Thompson clubs, wrote on the school newspaper, was a Student Ambassador and in 2014 won the 2nd international Talk the Tic-Spanish edition.  She is also certified in Thompson Technique, and taking the Animal Chiropractic Modules. 

As a Spanish native speaker (she is from the beautiful island-Puerto Rico) she is always looking for resources and information in Spanish, including Podcast, finding out that unfortunately there is no much information about Chiropractic and that there was no Spanish Chiropractic podcast. 

She was inspire by TCP and her boyfriend to begin the 1st Spanish Chiropractic podcast, having not only DC’s and  chiropractic students as her guests but also other professionals who can help our colleagues build their practice like lawyers, CPA, publicist among others. 

Her goal is to follow her inspiration in podcast steps and be as big as TCP, trying to serve the community and get the Chiropractic message and care to more than the 3%…to a 100% of the population…including animals.

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